At Westside Yoga our mission is to create holistic well being for everyone in our community.

We believe that Yoga has the potential to unlock stress, trauma, dis-ease in the body, mind & energetic body.

It is for this reason Westside Yoga has gathered a group of highly skilled and intuitive practitioners to support you and your practice.

We wish you continued support and guidance through your social, emotional, physical & spiritual journey to a more conscious, connected and blissful life.

Please peruse our support list for a therapist that resonates with you.


Georgia Lagoudakis
46 Challis Street,
Newport, VIC 3015 Australia
0412 287 166


Alani Kelly
Embodied Healing Therapies
151 Ormond Rd, Elwood
0416 018 790

Alani uses a unique combination of loving nurturing touch, relaxation massage, coaching and guidance, plant extracts, and deep emotional release work.

She create a safe, non-judgmental, full-permission space for you to surrender into the wisdom and healing capacity of your body. This allows your body to feel, heal and release whatever is ecological for you at that moment (no pushing or forcing), any unrun emotions, tension stored in the body, or stuck/stagnant energy.

This process is incredible for the powerful integration of various parts of Self, physically processing emotions (getting them out of the body), rewiring the body to feel safe both feeling and releasing emotions, gentle expansion, and empowering self-expression.

Sharon Bolt
Unit 3, 149 Church St,
Brighton, VIC 3186 Australia
0499 079 089

Sharon Bolt is a skilled multidisciplinary therapist specialising in the mind/body/spirit connection. Sharon is a qualified kinesiologist, clinical hypnotherapist, past life regressionist, NLP practitioner, energy healer, health coach, aromatherapist and core shamanism practitioner. Sharon is also a trained chi kung instructor.

Luke Wright
Zenthai Sanctuary
63 Aberdeen Rd
Prahran, VIC 3181 Australia
0416 118 206

Zenthai Shiatsu | Free up and nurture the physical system to allow the integration of insight and bring peace and connection throughout the body, mind and emotions. The dance of Zen Shiatsu, Thai Massage and Osteopathic techniques allow this deeply therapeutic treatment to work energetically, physically and structurally. Each treatment is specific to the client and their needs at the time. Energy moving freely allows healing to be inherent and ongoing.


Lyndal Pope
Westside Yoga

77 Charles St
Seddon, VIC 3011 Australia
0407 514 813

Lyndal specialises in Dance Movement Therapy to facilitate the development of emotional physical, social, and spiritual well-being.


Sharon Paetzold
Clinical Social Worker/Gestalt Movement Therapist
0426 499 949

Sharon is a highly skilled Clinical Social Worker and Gestalt Movement Therapist. Sharon provides outreach services to Westside’s local area and provides individual/group therapy sessions and workshops.


Georgia Lagoudakis
46 Challis Street,
Newport, VIC 3015 Australia
0412 287 166


Andrew Levick
Albert Park Sports & Spinal
Shop 3, 36-44 Mills St,
Albert Park, VIC 3206 Australia
9690 0457